What are Unclaimed Funds?

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Governmental conflict of interest prevents citizens from claiming their funds

There are two primary conflicts of interests that government agencies face that often prevent funds from being dispersed to their rightful owners:

The agencies charged with notifying potential claimants stand to keep the money if the statute of limitations expires and no claim is made. In many cases the agencies will only do the minimum necessary to find and inform the rightful claimants that they have funds owed to them.

The rules and requirements necessary to recover the assets are interpreted and enforced by the agencies holding the money. Many claims are lost due to a claimant's inability to meet their stringent demands.

1 in 10 Americans have unclaimed funds owed to them

Unclaimed funds are monies and other assets whose rightful owner cannot be located. Unclaimed funds are typically turned over to a government agency, which holds onto the funds for a period of time. Only during this timeframe, which varies by government agency, the funds can be claimed by their rightful owner. Gateway Asset Recovery specializes in finding the rightful owner of the funds during the timeframe when the funds can be claimed.

Where are Unclaimed Funds located?

Thousands of governmental agencies across the country hold unclaimed funds. Gateway Asset Recovery specializes in auditing these government agencies and located the rightful owner of these funds. If our company has contacted you, we have likely identified a claim belonging to you at one of the governmental agencies we routinely audit. You can conduct a free search for unclaimed funds on the websites MissingMoney.com and Unclaimed.org. Both sites are endorsed by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA). However, if you have been contacted by Gateway Asset Recovery, it is unlikely the assets we have identified that belong to you are listed on these specific public databases.

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