Why Choose Gateway Asset Recovery?

Clients trust our No Upfront Fee Guarantee

We Ensure Your Security with No Upfront Fees

We recognize the financial sensitivities and privacy concerns around helping clients reclaim their assets. Gateway Asset Recovery works only on a contingency basis, and we offer a No Upfront Fee Guarantee. Our contingency fee structure ensures that we are only paid our fees if and when we are able to successfully recover our clients' funds. We also front the resources for all legal, administrative, research, and filing fees, and deduct those from our clients' final disbursements.


Successful recovery of over $5 million in assets

with our trusted team of attorney partners

Our Services

We perform three valuable services:

We Audit Government Agencies for Unclaimed Funds

We make audits of government agencies across the U.S. to identify unclaimed funds owed to private citizens.

We Locate the Rightful Owner

We conduct a national search to identify and contact the original owner of the unclaimed funds.

We Administer the Asset Recovery Process

Once the original asset owner has been identify and becomes a Gateway Asset Recovery client, we perform the extensive work and oversee any necessary legal proceedings on the owner's behalf so that every chance is given for the funds to be recovered.

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