What are Unclaimed Funds?

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Gateway Asset Recovery was created to meet an important need in the multi-billion dollar unclaimed asset industry.

Unclaimed assets can originate from abandoned or delinquent bank accounts, safety deposit box contents, CDs, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, dividends, uncashed checks, unpaid wages, insurance policies, trust funds, utility deposits, escrow accounts, inheritance money, etc. They are held by the government for a certain amount of time to be claimed by their rightful owner during what is called a "redemption period."

If these assets are not claimed in time, the owner forfeits their right to the funds and the governmental agency takes ownership of the assets via a legal process called "escheatment." The process of escheatment of private assets to governmental agencies originated in feudal 16th century England.

Gateway Asset Recovery believes this outdated process is unfair to private citizens. Our company was founded on principles of integrity and professionalism as we set out to help return hard earned assets to their original owners.

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Gateway Asset Recovery is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and is a registered corporation in good standing with Missouri Secretary of State Office.

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